How to Jump Start a Car in 10 Simple Steps

At Towing Laguna Niguel we understand that a flat car battery is one of those things we can all expect to have to contend with at one time or another. When the need arises, follow our 10 easy steps to jump starting your car.

1. Identifying the Problem
Before you go to the trouble of jump starting your battery, make sure it’s the battery that’s the problem. Turn your engine and inspect your headlights. If they’re dim, you need to charge the battery.
2. Preparation
You’ll need a pair of jumper cables and a second vehicle. Ask a family member, friend or neighbor to give you a hand. Inspect the battery for cracks or leaks. If you find either, abort the mission and call a professional!
3. Attach Jumper Cables (Both Vehicles)
When you’re ready to start, attach the jumper cables to the disabled car and the working car. Start with the positive (+) red cable and move on to the negative (-) black cable.
4. Turn Engine On (Working Vehicle)
Switch the engine on for only the working vehicle.
5. Leave Engine Running (Working Vehicle)
Leave the engine running for about five minutes. While it’s doing its job, gently press the gas pedal periodically.
6. Try Engine (Disabled Car)
Turn the disabled car’s ignition and see if the engine comes to life.
7. Repeat Steps 4-6 (If Necessary)
If the engine doesn’t start, follow steps 4 to 6 again. It can take a few attempts to breathe life into the car again.
8. Remove Jumper Cables (Both Vehicle)
When the engine does start, carefully remove the jumper cables from both vehicles.
9. Leave Engine Running (Disabled Vehicle)
Leave the engine running on the previously disabled car for 20 minutes or so.
10. Turn Engine Off (Disabled Vehicle)
You can now turn the engine off and use get back on the road.

If you’re not overly thrilled at the prospect of recharging your own car battery, or if you don’t have the equipment required to complete the task, give Towing Laguna Niguel a call and we’ll do it for you. With experienced, fully-trained staff, we can be with you in less than 30 minutes, morning, noon or night. Our service has proven dependable for countless local residents over the years, so make that call today.